Managing our time

We are all very busy. But are we being productive? Are we focussing on the minors instead of the majors? Many of you probably have found a good method of making the best use of your time. I have found one that has helped me a lot. It is the one used by President Eisenhower, and you can find several references if you google “Eisenhower Matrix.”
Basically, it allows you to categorize your tasks as “important and urgent,” “important but not urgent,” “urgent but not important,” and “neither important nor urgent.” The President used this method to decide which projects he focussed on (all in the first category). The projects or tasks that were “not urgent but important” he scheduled for later; the projects that were “urgent but not important” he delegated. He simply removed from the list tasks or projects he considered to be “not urgent and “not important.”
I know folks have applied these principles to how they handle each day. One person, for example, uses the list of tasks that are not “urgent or important” for non-business activities that he likes to do, such as playing golf or watching a movie. He then does those things on weekends or holidays!

So, I am curious. What system have you found to be useful to optimize your time?
I need to mention that there are apps available for virtually all platforms that can help you use the Eisenhower Matrix. These also integrate well with your Apple, Google, or Outlook calendars. Some of them also allow you to use this matrix along with a focus on your short-term and long-term goals. Those programs force you to state how each task supports the short-term or long-term goal you have defined for your business. Of course, these are only tools. The real trick is to execute the tasks well and on time to be successful.

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